GE Merlin reverse osmosis water purification whole house system cost and performance

Compare GE merlin filtration systems:

GE Merlin reverse osmosis

Household water filtration systems come in different flavors - we will try to compare GE Merlin reverse osmosis systems and the others here with ratings for different purposes.

Whole house GE merlin

There are drinking water systems based on ultraviolet light which will kill bacteria and molds - the advantage with these is that they don't add any chemicals to the water purified.

Reverse osmosis compare very well, especially whole house RO water softener systems, are technologically very advanced.

The phenomenon of osmosis (where two liquids blend if they are in contact with each other) can be run backwards by changing the pressure of one of the liquids (the incoming water) which will be pushed through a very fine mesh - what's called a semi permeable membrane. This membrane let the actual water molecules though, but no other impurities. RO uses absolutely no chemicals and is a very "clean" way of filtering household water.

Another well established method is to use Ozone, which is combines with drinking water to harmless components and while it does - it kills all the bad germs.

Then of course, we have all seen the little jug with an activated carbon filter for water filtration. It works well, but it is slow and doesn't scale up very well for a household.

What is reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filtration, although very techically advanced, has its shortcomings. The filter (the membrane) is very expensive, so in order to protect it, it is common to have a pre-filter that removes the larger particles first. This will of course add to the cost of a whole house system for water filtration and these pre-filters will need changing or replacing every so often.

Water waste

Due to the nature of reverse osmosis, there will also be water wasted during the filtration process. Unfortunately, the waste is at least twice the amount of water filtered and in some cases up to four times as much. If you minimize the waste you will also get a shorter lifespan for the membrane (expensive!) so you will need to accept a certain level of waste.

GE Merlin reverse osmosis

One of the neatest designs is the GE Merlin reverse osmosis system, a very compact model with a minimum of parts and yet very capable. There are many others and typically you will need a consultant to design it and get it all right for your full house water filtration system. One of the advantages with the GE Merlin reverse osmosis system is that it is tankless which makes installation cheaper.


Reverse osmosis water purifier

GE Merlin

GE Merlin reverse osmosis
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